Discover the best adventures on offer in Qatar’s vast deserts and glimmering waters

Discover the best adventures on offer in Qatar’s vast deserts and glimmering waters

Qatar by Land & Sea

Discover the best adventures on offer in Qatar’s vast deserts and glimmering waters

Qatar is known for its metropolitan skyline and glimmering shores, but just half an hour from the bustling city of Doha, Qatar’s desert awaits. This thrilling pairing of desert and ocean means a huge variety of adventures can be had in Qatar, from traditional dhow cruises to adrenaline-inducing ––sandboarding excursions, and exhilarating dune bashing drives to dives discovering sunken oil rigs.

Here’s a round-up of the best land and sea adventures on offer…


Desert escapades: Dune Bashing

Qatar’s rolling sand dunes offer thrills and spills in the way of dune bashing experiences. A professional driver guides visitors through the dunes in the most exhilarating way possible: in a rugged 4×4, making the most out of every twist and turn. Sand flies in waves as the vehicle leaps over sand dunes and into the air leaving passengers exhilarated. 

Exploring tradition: Camel Rides

For an authentic view of Qatar’s desert, visitors can venture through sands on the back of a camel. Camels are central to Qatari culture with camel racing being a popular pastime, but a camelback ride through the desert is a guaranteed way of making visitors feel like locals and getting a taste for Qatari tradition. 

Skills on the sand: Sandboarding

To really feel at one with the desert, sandboarding is a test of balance, concentration and nerve. With a wooden sandboard strapped on foot, visitors can slip and slide down the steep gradients of sand dunes as if they were surfing. The board glides over the sand and picks up speed; the perfect activity for adrenaline-junkies. 

Take to the skies: Desert flight

Gain a bird’s eye view of Qatar’s unique landscape, from Doha to the desert, with a scenic flight in a private aircraft. Offering panoramic views of the rolling sand dunes, the inland sea, The Pearl and the Doha skyline, visitors will be able to spot Qatar’s most amazing landmarks from a great height. A thrilling way to discover the country’s fascinating peninsulas and famous vistas. 

Fun on the fairway: Golfing

For those whose idea of adventure is spending quality time on the green, Doha’s Education City Golf Club has secured Qatar’s position as a world-class golfing destination. The golf club is comprised of a range of short game formats, a state-of-the-art learning and practice facility, a TrackMan range, an 18-hole championship golf course, a 6-hole championship course with 7 teeing ground options and a flood lit 9-hole par-3 course all designed by two-time major winner Jose Maria Olazabal. Perfect for those looking to practice their swing in an expertly-designed club.


Once-in-a-lifetime swims: Whale shark experiences

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the sea and spotting them is a bucket-list item for many. These elusive creatures can only be spotted in certain locations worldwide, with Qatar having one of the largest aggregations of whale sharks between July and September. Visitors will soon be able to go on whale-shark spotting adventures and even swim alongside them.

A cultural favourite: Dhow Cruising

Sail along the Corniche Bay on a Dhow cruise whilst sampling local delicacies and spectacular views. Local companies offer private tours along with music, fishing and BBQ options. Noon cruises are recommended as the best time to capture the ambience, and evening cruises allow visitors to admire the glistening lights of Doha’s skyline as the sun goes down.

Into the deep: Diving

Diving in Qatar’s shores is a tradition close to the country’s heart, since pearl diving was once a major industry that inhabitants relied on for their livelihoods. Now, Qatar’s diving experiences are more geared towards exploring warm waters and exciting discoveries beneath the surface. Sunken oil rigs make for interesting dives, as well as popular spots like Old Club Reef, a manmade reef with sunken buses and cars to explore.

Wildlife exploration: Stand-Up Paddleboarding

The glimmering coast of Doha makes for an ideal stand-up paddleboarding spot. Visitors can learn the basics, explore the open waters, paddle under the moonlight and even combine the sport with some hatha yoga stretches for a more intense physical workout. Paddling to Al-Aaliyah island, a bird sanctuary home to thousands of birds, gives visitors the chance to spot stingrays, dugongs, dolphins, flying fish and pink flamingos. 

For adrenaline-junkies: Flyboarding

Qatar’s flyboarding experiences bring adventurers as close to the sensation of flying as possible. Strapped to a flyboard and propelled into the air by the power of jets, thrill-seekers are met with a sense of euphoria when hovering in the air. With a little focus and concentration, they will find the perfect balance between leaning forwards and backwards to stand perfectly straight in mid-air. An aquatic Qatar adventure not to be missed! 

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